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五星体育斯诺克直播网_五星体育直播中超 was founded in 1998, which was developed from the subdivision of Shanghai Metal Structure Industry Association and is the vice president of Shanghai Baoshan Steel Structure Chamber of Commerce Association. With the housing construction engineering and municipal public engineering supervision qualification issued by the Ministry of Construction, the civil air defense supervision qualification issued by the National Civil Air Defense Office, and the equipment supervision qualification issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), the company is specialized in project construction supervision, project management, and expert technical consultation. The company has a group of young and middle-aged technical professionals, of which 62 are state-level registered constructors, registered supervisory engineers, registered cost engineers, registered tender engineers, registered first-class structure engineers, registered equipment supervisory engineers, registered real estate appraisers, and so forth, 22 are senior engineers. The specialty of the personnel is composed of civil construction, decoration, steel structure manufacture and installation, steel structure welding, mechanical and electrical equipment, communication and intelligent system, petrochemical industry, environmental protection engineering, gas, photovoltaic, municipal road and safety, cost and so forth.

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Laws and regulations
  • Shanghai Municipal Construction Project supervision Code of supervision
    区县建设相关管理部门,各建设、勘察、设计、施工、五星体育斯诺克直播网、检测等单位: 为贯彻执行《上海市建设五星体育直播中超五星体育斯诺克直播网工作守则》,规范建设各方主体行为,现将《上海市建设五星体育直播中超五星体育斯诺克直播网工作守则》印给你们,请遵照执行上海市城乡建设和交通委员会二○一二年六月五日
  • 上海市设备五星体育斯诺克直播网管理办法
    上海市人民政府令第76号《上海市设备五星体育斯诺克直播网管理办法》已经2011年12月26日市政府第131次常务会议通过,现予公布,自2012年3月1日起施行。市长 韩正(2011年12月28日上海市人民政府令第76号公布) 第一章总则 第一条(目的和依据) 为了保证设备质量,提高设备投资效益,规范设备监…
  • Shanghai Jianan Quality Supervision [2013] No. 74
    关于建设五星体育直播中超检测中使用唯一性识别标识专项检查情况的通报各有关单位: 为了落实市府第73号《上海市建设五星体育直播中超检测管理办法》、沪建交[2013]228号《关于在上海市建设五星体育直播中超检测中使用唯一性识别标识的通知》、沪建交[2013]232号《上海市建设五星体育直播中超检测信息管理系统使用管理办法》等有…
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